About Our Practice

The practice of Ray, O’Connor, Coleman & Halverson, PLLC is concentrated in the following areas:

Estate Planning

Our Estate Planning practice involves preparation of all components of estate plans, including wills, revocable trusts, generation skipping transfer tax trusts, durable financial powers of attorney, healthcare powers of attorney, declarations of a desire for natural death (living will) as well as advice on minimizing potential estate and income tax liabilities.

We provide advice on charitable planning and gifting including outright gifts to charity, charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts. The firm counsels on estate and income tax planning for retirement benefits and life insurance planning including use of irrevocable life insurance trusts. We additionally prepare pre-marital and post-martial agreements and advise on lifetime gift planning to reduce estate taxes, including use of limited liability companies, family limited partnerships and other fractional interests.

Administration of Estates and Trusts

The attorneys at Ray, O’Connor, Coleman & Halverson, PLLC provide all aspects of estate and trust administration and settlement including preparation of estate tax returns, probate court inventories and accountings and representation of estates and trusts before the Internal Revenue Service. We represent executors, trustees, and other fiduciaries with the administration of estates and trusts. We also represent heirs, beneficiaries and fiduciaries in litigation involving the validity of wills and trusts and other disputes related to the administration of estates and trusts.

Business Law and Litigation; Commercial Real Estate

Members of our firm form corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and provide advice as to the appropriate business entity to be formed, as well as in determining whether to be taxed as an S corporation or C corporation, if applicable. We additionally prepare shareholder agreements, operating agreements, partnerships agreements, and other documents necessary for the ongoing operations of such entities and for exit strategies when persons sever their relationship with the entity. We assist in the formation of LLCs to facilitate investment in real estate and achieving tax objectives of clients. The firm represents corporations of all sizes, newly formed businesses and joint ventures. Attorneys in the firm handle mergers and acquisitions and negotiate complex business transactions including asset purchase agreements, employment and noncompetition agreements. Steven J O'Connor has extensive experience in commercial real estate.

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